Within a few months of our launch, we had accumulated a large backlog of people wanting surgery for their animals and found our weekly appointment slots were not keeping up with demand as we were booking up to 3 weeks out for surgery!

To help us work through this backlog we launched Spay Day, a full day, each month dedicated to free spay neuter.

Spay Day allows us to sterilize 20+ animals in just one day and the promotions associated with our Spay Days allow us to spread the word about the availability of free spay neuters.

We are actively seeking Sponsors for Spay Days. Past Spay Day Sponsors are listed below and include businesses on island as well as families whom have made Turks & Caicos their special vacation spot and want to give back to the island, people and the animals who call TCI home.

For more information about the benefits and costs of Sponsorship, please contact [email protected]

Thank You to All Our Sponsors

Sponsor: The Petroff Family